Friday, November 24, 2006


It's not what you do once in a while, it's what you do day in and day out that makes the difference ~ Jenny Craig

My dearest E.,

You're going to be a junior model! OK, I'm only saying this because your father and I are naturally excited that a talent agency called. And they had informed me that their client, a drink manufacturing company, had shortlisted you- YOU- as a talent in a forthcoming TV commercial. Now, that is really some news.

When your father and I took you to 2 talent agencies some time ago to cast your portfolio, we never really thought of anything. Of course, we did it because as your parents, you are the cutest and most beautiful baby to us. And every parent will naturally feel that about their own child. To us parents, our children can do ANYTHING. That you kids are the greatest ever, the cutest ever, the smartest ever, etc etc etc. We love you so much that we have that much faith in your abilities, notwithstanding your tender age. We were also prompted by our friends, who all ooh-ed and aah-ed over your good looks, and your sunny disposition, and everyone claimed that you'd be fantastic as a model. Who cares if you're only a baby? That's how you start out.

Having said that, this is not to be taken as my acquiescence that you should pursue modelling as a career. There is nothing wrong with modelling, really. It is a good, decent job, pays very well, gets you famous, etc- but that's only the glitz and glamour. The behind-the-scenes portrayal by some models we know: that's the ugly truth. Just like very other job, modelling has its pitfalls: long hours, hard work, and the constant need to maintain one's looks and figure- and it is sad that models are, by comparison to other professions, deemed 'loose', 'easy', bratty, prima-donna, diva-like, stupid, daft, etc. Simply put: shallow and superficial. Sometimes, this may not be altogether true- but the industry has crafted that sort of reputation for itself, a reputation that I, as your mother, is wary of you getting involved in.

All that aside, you must remember that your studies, education and the firm grounding for a good career must come first and foremost. You may choose whatever profession you wish- but you MUST study smart, and obtain a sound education. Without education, you have nothing to fall back on. Good looks will fade one day and there is only so much charm that can take you places. You must learn that, with education, you are at least assured of a means of making your living. That translates into work. A good education can take you further than good looks or charm alone. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good education- and you know that your father and I are firmly committed to providing you with the best education necessary to ensure your future.

Anyway, I took some time off from the office this afternoon, as did your father, to take you to the casting agency, Cheese, once again, to have your portfolio updated. You charmed the lady there, right off to her toes! You were at times playful and coy, boisterous and joyful, mournful and irritated- and as she continued snapping photographs and shooting a video of you at play, I stood by the sidelines and happily watched you. My daughter. Something like a huge balloon swelled up in my chest, that was how proud I was, and for a moment, I had to catch my breath and force myself not to choke when I look at you. You are so beautiful in every way, little E. Your happy lovable disposition serves you in good stead, and I am sure it shall continue to do so every step of your life.

You have the great makings of a model. But I'd think that, because you are my daughter, my precious jewel. You have the great makings of anything you set out to be, simply because you are my daughter and I believe in you.

How I love you, my sweet, sweet E.! And it doesn't matter if you do not get cast for the TV commercial... The money will be a plus, certainly and a bonus to be added on to your education and well-being fund- but it really doesn't matter. At the end of the day, your father and I are just happy with you, being you.