Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You leave me speechless

"Much silence makes a powerful noise" ~ African Proverb

My dearest E.,

Do the Heavens wonder why you leave me speechless, with my heart overflowing with untold love and joy? You silence me with your words, your powerful eyes, your beautiful nature. You silence me when you say things like, "I want some cultured milk, Mummy."

Or when you see me writhing in pain as I suffered from a stomach illness and diarrhoea a few days ago. "Mummy has tummy ache. Mummy go see doctor. OK?"

Or when you twist and turn in bed beside me in the middle of the night and I feel your little hand gently caressing my cheek when you whisper, "I love you, Mummy. Mummy, hug me pleeth." (You speak with a little lisp).

But most of all, I am speechless when you are simply there. And I know that you love me back.

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